Period Sex: Hell No Or a Hell Yeah?

If you’re someone who menstruates, then a big chunk of your adult life is spent bleeding. Everyone’s period is different in terms of intensity and symptoms. If you’re among those who feel nauseous and can’t wait for these days to be over, then the idea of having period sex probably doesn’t sound too appealing.
Yet, if you’re feeling okay during menstruation, then it doesn’t sound that bad, or does it? But wait! Can you have sex on your period? Is it safe? Can you get pregnant? These are all important questions that the Flure team can’t wait to discuss with you!

What is period sex?

Well, it’s quite simple. Period sex is all sexual activities that you have while menstruating. This includes oral, vaginal, and anal sex, masturbation, and foreplay.

Benefits of period sex

If you’ve never looked into the subject, you might be surprised to find out it has some real benefits!

Cramps relief

Yes, having sex during the period actually helps relieve the pain from cramps. It has something to do with the way the uterus is operating during menstruation. It is contracted to help release the lining, and, apparently, orgasms help release those contractions. Additionally, having sex releases a lot of hormones in our bodies which makes us feel good. Amazing, right?

Shorter periods

Because sex stimulates the whole process that’s going on inside our bodies, it can result in shorter periods. It’s not a given, so make sure to test it out, and let us know if it made a difference or not!

Satisfaction for your horny self

Thanks to the complex hormonal system, many report increased sex drive during menstruation. Having sex at that time helps release the urge and pressure to lay down with someone, making you more satisfied in all kinds of senses.

Bonus lubrication

This may sound weird, but blood is actually a great lubrication. And it’s 100% natural. If you normally use additional lubricants or need extra time to get ready for sex, periods can give you a new experience and a way to enjoy sex more spontaneously.

Migraine relief

If you’re suffering from migraines, you know that anything and everything can trigger this debilitating headache, including periods. But guess what? Having sex can help you feel better and either avoid those migraines or have them be lighter.

Is it bad to have sex on your period? What are the risks?

Is sex during the period perfect? Not quite. There are some downsides and potential risks that you should know before you get down to business.
  • The risk of STIs can even be higher during periods because some of the diseases are spread through blood.
  • It can get messy. Although menstruation is perfectly normal, it might be a bit unsettling to see a lot of blood around you while having sex. This is especially relevant for girlies with heavy flows.
  • Period blood can ruin your perfect decor. If you and your partner aren’t bothered by the blood getting all over you, you might feel differently if it gets on your perfect couch that you’ve been saving up to buy, or the new linens you just ordered on Amazon.
  • You can still get pregnant. Sperm can live inside us for up to a few days. So it’s entirely possible to get pregnant, even if you had your period when you had unprotected sex. So if you were hoping that periods are your license to go wild, we’ve got bad news for you!

Tips for mess-free period sex

If you decide to have sex during your period, here’s what you can do to make the most of it.
  • Start with a conversation. It’s not the sexiest way to get the ball rolling, but it’s important that you both feel comfortable.
  • Make sure to take out tampons before starting the sexy play.
  • Scout locations. The shower is a popular spot because a) it’s hot to have sex in the shower, and b) it’s easy to wash away anything you don’t want to see. If you choose to go with the couch or the bed, lay a dark-colored towel to prevent leakages.
  • Maintain good hygiene. Shower beforehand, and pay special attention to hands and genitalia. Take another shower after sex.
  • Get some wet wipes and keep them in reachable areas to help with accidents.
  • Take things slow and keep lubrication readily available. Sometimes people get more sensitive during periods, and familiar actions and speed of intercourse can feel weird. Lubrication and a slow pace will help navigate it.
  • Experiment with sex positions. Some of your favorites might feel uncomfortable during your period, so if something’s bothering you, change things up, and don’t tolerate it.
  • Have sex on lighter days. If you know that your flow is strongest on days one to three, consider having sex starting day four.
  • Use condoms. Latex condoms are great for preventing unwanted pregnancies and STIs. You can still get pregnant if you have sex on period. Plus, your body is vulnerable to diseases during this time, and a condom is, perhaps, the most efficient option to minimize those risks.
The main tip: Period sex can be fun and bring you strong orgasms, but it’s also possible that it won’t feel right. If something starts to bother you at any point of the intercourse – don’t be afraid to stop. You have a right to change your mind about having period sex, especially if it feels wrong. Just because you’ve given consent once, doesn’t mean that you can’t revoke it.

Does period sex create a soul tie?

If you don’t know what a soul tie is, basically, it’s a spiritual connection that some believe is formed when two people are having sex. And it’s not just any connection, but it’s actually a bond that cannot be broken, at least not easily.
There is no scientific proof that soul ties exist, which is not surprising of course. Similarly concepts of twin flames and soul mates, you choose for yourself whether to believe in a soul tie or not. It’s all down to your interpretation and perspective.