Twin Flame: A Fad or the Truth?

We’ve all heard about soulmates but there’s a new hero in town! What exactly is the meaning of a twin flame? And is it a real thing? Let’s find out together.

What is a twin flame, for real?

A twin flame is an individual that you have the strongest and deepest spiritual connection with. It is also believed that twin flames are two parts of one soul. Your twin flame complements you and adds to your qualities. Basically, they’re everything you’re not, but in the best way possible.
The concept is believed to have originated in ancient Greece, but it can be traced to Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as New Age spiritual movements.
There are many definitions and explanations of the twin flame theory, but here is a brief overview of what it might entail:
  • They originate from the same energy source.
  • They are mirror images of one another.
  • The union results in mutual spiritual awakening.
  • The love they have is unconditional.
Does everyone get to meet their twin flame? Nope. Sadly, it’s believed to be very rare that a person comes across a twin flame in their lifetime. To boost their chances of meeting the one, some people refer to astrology, zodiac signs, synastry charts, and even tarot cards. Unfortunately, we don’t have any research available to us to confirm whether or not those things actually help identify and find your twin flame.

Signs you’re with your twin flame now

How do you know if someone is your twin flame?
You can’t always tell if the person is your twin flame, but there are signs that will indicate you’ve found a rare love that can be called a twin flame.

You feel like you truly know them

With a twin flame, there is this sense of knowing them for years and years. They seem familiar and easy to understand, even if you’ve not been together for that long yet. There is a deep connection on physical and spiritual levels.

You feel safe around them

There is a sense of an all-encompassing safety when you’re together. You know they’ll never hurt you, and you can share anything that’s on your mind freely without judgment. And if something goes wrong, you two will figure this out.

There is a lot of passion in the bedroom

Twin flames are very compatible sexually. There’s a lot going on behind closed doors, and they definitely know how to please one another. In fact, there’s so much passion (not just sex) that you can have bodily reactions to your partner, such as a racing heartbeat or sweating.

You don’t feel the same about anyone else

If you’re a passionate person or join polyamorous relationships, you might be wondering if the strong feelings you have towards someone actually mean they’re your twin flame. The sure way to tell is to analyze whether you feel the same way toward anyone else. If you love someone, but have the same feelings for two other people, they’re not your twin flames.

There is instant synchronicity

You know how sometimes you have to adjust and tune into a partner at the beginning of the romance? Like you already fancy one another, and start to go out, but it’s still a bit awkward and you don’t feel like you’re on the same page. Well, all those things are not an issue when you meet your twin flame. With them, you’re instantly in sync and there is no need to do any work to adjust to one another.

Your past stories resemble

When twin flames meet and start to get to know one another, they find that their past has a lot in common. It doesn’t mean that they have the same upbringing or hobbies and careers, but there are many small coincidences and similar experiences that you both went through that shaped you.

False twin flame signs

Something that’s happened to the Flure team members before – is that we’ve met someone, thought they’re our twin flames, but oh boy were we wrong.
Here’s a list of signs that a certain someone is NOT your twin flame.
  • The connection is strong, but it’s shallow. You guys really connect, and there are fireworks in the bedroom, but when it comes to important things and beliefs – you’re not exactly on the same page.
  • Your dynamic is unhealthy and even toxic. A passionate and tumultuous romance doesn’t mean a dysfunctional one. False twin flames will often deal with codependency, manipulation, emotional or physical abuse, obsessive control, and other perverted power dynamics. If you feel like this is happening to you – don’t walk, run away!
  • There’s no spiritual growth together. Twin flames are deeply spiritual and help each other transform and grow. A false twin flame will often do the opposite. They’ll prevent you from growth, and push you to stick with your existing (often negative) patterns. Such as if one of the partners has an alcohol problem and wants to quit drinking, but their “twin flame” encourages them to drink because they’re “more fun that way”.
  • Incompatibility is too strong. Your differences in values, goals, and plans for lives are too grand for you to make it work as a couple. With twin flames, people can also have their differences and struggles, but they’re able to make it work and avoid separation. With false twin flames, breaking up is often the healthiest outcome.
  • Nobody wants to work the issues out. If you or your partner are not willing to address the existing issues and work on them to better your union, there’s no way you guys are true twin flames, because they would want to talk things out and do the inner healing to improve their romance, no matter how hard it seems.
  • You feel neglected by or neglect your partner. Again, true twin flames care about one another. They’re not going to ignore their partner or make them feel unloved and uncared for. If you’re willing to do this, or you feel like that with your partner, you’re dealing with a fake twin flame, for sure.

The stages of twin flames

Your twin flame relationship can look different, but here are the main five stages that most twin flames go through.
  1. First meeting – where the relationship begins.
  2. Period of uncertainty – where you’re not sure if they like you.
  3. Obsession – all you can think about is this person.
  4. Passion, passion, passion – whether the feeling is mutual or not.
  5. Decline – where feelings start to slowly dissipate.
Obviously, not all twin flame relationships end in decline. Some stay at the passion stage for years and even an entire lifetime.

Twin flame vs soulmate

Contrary to popular belief, twin flames and soulmates are not the same. There are several differences between the two relationship concepts.
A soulmate is someone who you go through life hand in hand with, but they’re not a part of your soul, like twin flames, they’re their own separate person. Soulmates don’t make you feel complete (because you already are) but rather they enrich your existing life. A twin flame is a part of you.
Twin flames are often complete opposites, whereas soulmates share more qualities and views. Also, soulmates can be found in non-romantic relationships, such as friendships, or be purely platonic, but twin flames are always about a romantic feeling and connection, along with everything else.
A twin flame is someone who carries a part of your soul in a different physical body. This means that you can only have one twin flame in your lifetime. Soulmates, on the other hand, are represented by different people in different periods of your life.

What if your partner isn’t your twin flame?

Don’t worry if your relationship doesn’t resemble the twin flame dynamic. In fact, many twin flame couples break up relatively quickly, so it might actually be good if you’re not like that. This doesn’t mean that all twin flames are doomed, no, but they are known to be more prone to breakups, because the two people are very different, and this eventually adds a toll on the relationship.

Bottom line

The twin flame concept is an exciting and intriguing one. Many people find comfort in it and like to associate their relationship with this theory. At the same time, there are many who claim the concept is BS and there’s nothing to it. Whether to believe in twin flames or not is completely up to you. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you call your relationship and what concepts you associate it with. The main thing is that you build a healthy and loving partnership that brings joy to both you and your lover.