Orgasm to the Masses! The Types, the Tips, and the Hows of Orgasming

Orgasm – what a beautiful word, and an even better feeling. Everyone knows about them, everyone wants them, however, not all of us understand it. Today, we’ll dive deep into what an orgasm really is, how it feels, what types of orgasms are out there, and what are the tips for having the strongest and most intense orgasms.

What is an orgasm?

Orgasm is the pleasant sensation that we feel when climaxing. They are achieved through sexual intercourse or by masturbating. Sometimes, orgasms are accidental and spontaneous, like when you’re riding a bike a bit too passionately.
Technically speaking, the meaning of an orgasm is a physical state that features a series of contractions that result in great pleasure. The blood flows into your genitals, and the increased muscle tension helps you peak.

Types of orgasms

When it comes to orgasm types, there is more than meets the eye! Female bodies are not only gorgeous, but they are lucky too, because there are multiple ways they can orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm

Clitoral orgasm is the most popular and well-known type of female orgasm. It is also believed to be the surest method to get to the O-town.

Vaginal orgasm

Vaginal orgasms are achieved through vaginal stimulation and reaching the G-spot. There is no definite study on the topic, but some women report that they’re unable to have vaginal orgasms. We don’t know if it’s because they’ve not had a partner or a sex toy that could have helped them out, or if their bodies simply don’t react to vaginal stimulation like that.

Anal orgasm

Yep, you can have an orgasm during anal sex. The muscles contract in your anal canal causing you to climax. And the best part – anyone can have them!

Erogenous orgasm

Our bodies are fascinating. Some researchers have found that it’s possible to reach orgasm through stimulation of different body parts, like breasts, nipples, and prostate, and the most random areas, like the back. Hearing that makes the Flure team very intrigued, to say the least! Definitely something we should all look into.

Hands-free orgasm

Some men and women claim to be able to reach orgasm without touching their genitals or having any other physical stimulation. They literally speak orgasms into existence. This has to do with tantric practices and the ability to meditate and focus your mind on what’s important – creating pleasant sensations purely with the help of the brain. So next time you’re stuck commuting, you know what to do!

How does orgasm feel?

There is so much talk about orgasms and having them, but how do they actually feel? And how can you know that you had one?
Vagina owners don’t have the luxury or ejaculation that penises produce. This means it can be hard to distinguish if it was an orgasm or just a reeeaally pleasant sensation.
Orgasm happens at the peak of your pleasure. Once the process of orgasm starts, you can’t really stop it. In those key moments, you might lose touch with reality a bit, as in forgetting where you are and what you’re doing. Your breath intensifies and your mind can be racing. Once you reach orgasm, you feel intense pleasure paired with mind and body relaxation. Everything feels good, and the sense of calmness takes you over.
When you’re orgasming, your brain takes part in the process too. First of all, the amount of oxygen that comes to the brain through the blood decreases (that’s probably why you feel out of touch with the surroundings). Secondly, several hormones are released into your brain during orgasm. Your nervous system shifts to high alert mode too, and then it takes some time post-orgasm to get back to normal.
And if you’ve orgasmed as a result of intercourse with your partner, and you suddenly feel so much closer to them – this could be a sign of an orgasm too! Because orgasms trigger oxytocin release (which is responsible for us feeling social and romantic trust), you might think that you’re soulmates all of a sudden.
Overall, when it comes to orgasms, many believe that you’ll know when it happens. And it is true. Orgasms have a very distinct feeling, so it’s hard to confuse it with something else. And if you’re really not sure whether you’ve orgasmed or not, you probably haven’t.

How to orgasm

If you have a penis, then achieving an orgasm is pretty straightforward.
Those of us who have vulvas sometimes have a bit more struggle with that. There is even a phenomenon called “the orgasm gap” that symbolizes the drastic difference between how many orgasms men and women have. For some, female orgasm is like a mythical creature that supposedly exists, but nobody has seen it in real life.
But that’s so not cool! Everyone should have great orgasms, and have them more often! (Now that would be a fun slogan for a presidential campaign, don’t you think?). Orgasms can be reached through having sex with your partner or masturbating. So if you’re not sure how to have an orgasm, explore different positions, play with your fingers, sex toys, or ask your lover to help. Experiment and have fun along the way, and you’ll get there.

How is male and female orgasm different

Ejaculation aside, male and female orgasms are not that different. Several experiments in the lab have tracked the process of orgasming by both sexes, and they haven’t really spotted any difference.
The contractions during orgasm can’t be differentiated by sex, so it’s safe to say we’re all the same when it comes to reaching the big O. And talking about ejaculating, some women experience squirting, so it’s bringing them even closer to the opposite sex.

How to have better orgasms

Orgasms have many benefits for our minds and souls, but not all orgasms are equal. Some of them are more powerful and prolonged, others are on a lighter side. But how can you have better orgasms more often?
We may not have a Ph.D. in orgasm sciences, but here are some great universal orgasm tips that both the Flure team and experts have tried and tested:

Try to have less stress

Yep, stress even gets us in our beds! Feelings of anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions can prevent us from having great orgasms. So you know what to do – try to rest more, sleep better, avoid doom-scrolling and toxic people who make you feel bad. If not for your mental health, then for the sake of orgasms!

Start with a massage

Massaging your body will help you relax and create the right mood. Plus, one of the sure ways to make orgasm more exciting is to build anticipation. Putting the main action off with massage is a great way to do it.

Send for help

If you’re on your own or with a partner, but there’s no orgasm in sight, use sex toys to get you going. There are tons of accessories that can help you climax in different ways, so get curious and don’t be shy to try new things.

Start exercising regularly

Regular physical activity helps our bodies get stronger, our minds be clearer, and our energy levels go up. The better you feel inside and out, the more chances you have to experience stronger orgasms. If you hate gyms, take longer walks, join dance classes, or sign up for tennis, volleyball, or something like that.

Drink your water

At that point, you might start wondering if you’re reading an article about orgasms or tips for losing weight. But trust us! Sufficient hydration is vital for muscles to be able to contract. And with no contraction, there is no orgasm! So grab your Stanley cup, a glass, or anything else and pour some clean water into it. Your clit will thank you later.

Build trust with your partner

Sometimes underwhelming orgasms can be a result of your discomfort with the lover. Find the time to have raw and honest conversations with them, spend time together, go on dates, and really invest in your relationship.

Forget about how you look

Don’t worry too much about looking sexy and seductive or you’ll risk losing the orgasm and having awkward sex. Be present and focus on what’s going on between you and your partner.

Consult a sex therapist

They will be able to guide you on this journey and possibly prescribe some treatments that will help your body be more responsive to sexy time. It’s crazy how much we depend on hormones, nutrients, vitamins, and things like that. Perhaps your therapist will have a medical solution to your mid orgasms problem.

Turn on the Dora the Explorer mode

Our sex education system is in a pathetic state, to say the least. Many adults still don’t understand their body’s anatomy. So get curious, arm yourself with a mirror, hands, sex toys, and explore!
Final tip: You don’t need to have an orgasm every time. Just because you didn’t climax doesn’t mean you didn’t have fun and high-quality sex. Yes, orgasming is great, but it’s not all of the experience that we can have in our bedrooms. So if you sometimes don’t have it – don’t worry, and enjoy the moment nonetheless.