Erogenous Zones That Will Surprise You

Human bodies are literally amazing. There are so many parts (or zones) that can be a source of pleasure and arousal, yet most of them barely get any clout! Flure is on a mission to change this injustice, one article at a time.

What are erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are areas on our bodies that can be touched to create pleasurable sensations and turn us on erotically. These zones are particularly sensitive and can easily lead to arousal, especially if they’re being stimulated by someone we like.

Where are erogenous zones?

Both male and female bodies have multiple erogenous zones spread all around our bodies. Also, some men and women can be aroused by being touched or kissed on the neck, while others won’t get excited about it at all.
Naturally, genitals are our main erogenous zones, but if you put on your adventure hat and start exploring your or your partner’s bodies, you’ll quickly find that there are many areas that can be the source of pleasure but are often neglected.

Well-known erogenous zones

Let’s start with the basic, more obvious candidates.
  • Lips. Obviously, we all know that lips are an erogenous zone. Not even kissing, but gently touching them can turn the person on within seconds. And don’t forget nibbling and biting, just don’t overdo it.
  • Neck. Another big hit in the erotic world. Necks are very sensitive to touch, so kissing, licking, and nibbling will be very pleasurable. Some people love it when their partner with a beard is kissing their neck because all the facial hair adds to the sensation.
  • Ears can be very erotic. If you’ve never had your ears kissed, licked, sucked on, and bitten – girl! What are you even doing? Oh, and don’t forget to whisper something dirty into those ears while you’re playing with your partner's ears.
  • Breasts and nipples. No surprise here, breasts and nipples are highly sensitive, so make sure you play with them but do it gently.
  • Genitals. All parts of genitals – clit, vagina, vulva, penis, and balls – are, probably, the most famous and mostly used erogenous zones. They’re directly involved in the sexual act, so it’s hard to miss them. The bonus point with these erogenous zones is that their stimulation can lead to an orgasm, which not all body parts can boast (unfortunately, right?).
  • Buttocks are not parts of the genitals but are pretty close to those areas. Spanking, kissing, grabbing, biting, all that is very sexy and can bring you and your partner extra pleasure during foreplay or the main act.
  • Inner thighs are a great stop on your way to the final destination, a.k.a. the genitals. Massage them, kiss them, and lick them slowly as you move upwards, and your partner will lose it from pleasure.

Lesser-known erogenous zones

Justice for the erogenous zones that don’t get much attention! Below is a list of body areas that will surprise you, so next time you’re about to have sex, pause to explore them and open up to new hot experiences.
  • Lower stomach is close to the genitals but is often overlooked. Licking, kissing, and massaging your partner’s lower stomach will add to the pleasure, and you can even use it to pleasure-torture them if you keep playing with the stomach and not “getting to the point”. Bonus points if you make your partner beg you to get down on them.
  • Lower back or small of the back. Similar to the lower stomach, the lower back is sensitive to touch, so feel free to massage, kiss, and lick it next time you guys get naked.
  • Feet is not just for fetishists. We can all enjoy a little massage and a kiss. Stimulate them gently to create pleasurable sensations.
  • Inner wrists can be an erogenous zone too if you play with them gently.
  • Scalp is very underestimated as a sexy zone, but just remember how good it feels when they wash your hair at the salon. Now imagine your partner slowly massaging you, and running their fingernails lightly over the head, and playing with the hair. Hot!
  • Armpits and inner arms. Not everyone will love it, especially at first, but both inner arms and armpits can be a part of your foreplay for sure. Just watch how your partner reacts and quit if they’re really uncomfortable. Some of us sweat a lot, others are insecure about body hair, so it’s important to be gentle and attentive there.
  • Fingertips and palm of hands. Hold their hands in yours, touch their hands, kiss them, put them in your mouth. All that can be very pleasurable, so don’t hesitate to ask for this yourself too.

How many erogenous zones are out there?

We can’t really answer how many erogenous zones are out there, because something sexy for one person will feel like nothing for the other.
People often mention the seven erogenous zones, which are the genitals, lips, neck, ears, breasts and nipples, inner thigh, and lower back. As we’ve learned today, our magical bodies have many more than that. Again, those things vary from person to person, so don’t be shy to experiment and ask your partner about the areas that turn them on.

Why you should explore erogenous zones

You’d think that vagina, penis, and anus are enough, and there’s no reason to bother with other body parts, right? Well, not exactly. Sex is fun, but it can get a little boring if you’re doing all the same things all the time. Especially if you’re in a long-term and exclusive relationship. To keep things hot in the bedroom, it’s helpful to find new ways to please each other erotically. This will keep your bond strong and help you have more fun together.
Plus, why would you deny yourself the extra pleasure? It’s like if you said that you’ve already tried ice cream, so there’s no need to explore other dessert options. Nobody in their right mind would say it, so why should it apply to sex?
Different erogenous zones will give you slightly a different experience and sensation, enriching your overall pleasure. If you don’t want it for yourself, try it with your partner, they’ll probably appreciate you doing it and will have fun along the way too.
Sexual health (including meeting your sexual needs) is paramount for our physical and mental well-being. Those who are sexually satisfied experience less stress and are more resistant to negative life events, they’re not so prone to certain diseases and feel happier overall. And the more ways you know to satisfy your sexual needs, the healthier you can be. Given how harsh the reality of our lives is today, and how prohibitively expensive medical help is in the US, we’d say every little helps! So go out there, explore your erogenous zones alone or with a partner, and build a better and healthier life for yourself.