8 Erogenous Zones You Didn’t Know About

Erogenous zones are the key to your sexual pleasure. Imagine that your body is a map, and erogenous zones are the spots where your sexy treasures are hidden. Everybody knows that men’s and women’s genitals and nipples are sweet spots rich in nerve endings, but there are less obvious areas to stroke when things heat up. These hidden gems hold the key to unlocking new levels of ecstasy. Invite your partner to discover these unexpected zones that will open the door to a new dimension of your physical and emotional intimacy. Trust us: you will never want to miss these “boring” parts again!
  1. The nape of the neck. Gentle kisses, light nibbles, or even a warm breath in this area can send shivers down the spine. Women often say that the neck is their hot spot together with breasts and nipples, but men enjoy gentle touches in the zone, too!
  2. The inner wrist. Try this unexplored spot! Tenderly caressing and kissing your partner’s wrist shows deep intimacy and adds romance. Focusing on this sensitive, often-overlooked part will slow things down for a longer foreplay.
  3. The hands. Not a traditional erogenous zone, the hands are very sensitive. Explore them with the tongue or light touches to create a mood. Play with your partner's fingers to heat things more: suck and lick them to show your anticipation of oral sex!
  4. Behind the knees. Another hidden area teemed with nerve endings. Have your partner caress and kiss the sensitive skin on your way to exploring other parts of the body, and you will realize that this unusual zone deserves way more attention than it gets.
  5. The inner thighs. Light touches and kisses here can be very arousing when moving up. Slow down and play with this extra responsive area to enjoy the sensations as you get closer to the main attraction.
  6. The scalp. Who doesn’t love a good head massage? Make it a part of your sexual game: play with your partner’s hair, rub your fingers across the scalp, or ask them to massage your head to get in the mood.
  7. The ears. One of the most sensitive body parts! Disclose the sensuality of the ears to the fullest: kiss and lick them during the foreplay, focusing on the lobe to arouse your partner and make them beg for more. And if you like talking dirty, don’t be shy to whisper.
  8. The feet and toes. For some odd reason, people often connect playful foot massages with foot fetishism. In fact, a sensual foot massage is one of the easiest ways to relax and arouse your partner, so try paying closer attention to this area.
For many people, a rich and fulfilling sexual life remains a dream due to stress, the lack of time, and everyday problems. Our bodies shut down and get insensitive under pressure. When getting physically intimate, careful and attentive stimulations of erogenous zones will help to relax and connect emotionally and psychologically. Experiment with your partner and explore your bodies’ sweet spots to reach deeper intimacy and a new level of pleasure.