13 Tips on How to Go Down on a Girl

Let’s begin: what do you actually know about oral sex? In popular culture, everyone is an expert in giving head, but things get complicated when it comes to reality. It turns out that more than 60% of men get lost when it comes to orally pleasing a girl. Most men don’t know what their partner enjoys when receiving oral sex. This widespread confusion can be the reason why many guys skip the oral part entirely, which can be disappointing for many. To close this oral gap, Flure experts came up with a handful of recommendations about how to go down on a girl to prove that there is never too much knowledge when it comes to sex.
  1. Ask first. Universal advice: asking questions is always better than mind-reading. Ask her if she likes oral sex and enjoys the most about it.
  2. Clit is the spot. Keep your focus there and see how she responds to the stimulations.
  3. Move your tongue around it. To begin, make slow movements with your tongue around the clitoris. Try drawing numbers or “the alphabet technique” and see if she’s into it.
  4. Try sucking on it. Between the strokes, try kissing and sucking it lightly to see what she enjoys most.
  5. Find the rhythm. The right speed is the key to the oral sex of her dreams. Find that perfect rhythm she likes most: being too slow or too fast when performing oral on a girl can make it hard for her to settle into it.
  6. Keep the tempo. Now when you see that she likes it, keep the speed consistent. Changing speed or technique is distracting.
  7. Spread the labia. Don’t be shy to expose it all: she will feel all your movements down there with all the intensity.
  8. Use fingers. Try putting a finger or two inside to make her moan and ask for more. Also, you can use your hand down there if you want to kiss her on the lips.
  9. Play with her nipples. Grab her breasts and gently squeeze her nipples while you are eating her out: some girls orgasm from the nipple play alone.
  10. Penetrate her with your tongue. It doesn’t give as much pleasure as clitoral stimulation, but many girls enjoy it.
  11. Play with her butt if she wants it. If she likes your fingers in her butt, go for it. Anal stimulation while oral sex is an ideal foreplay for some.
  12. Use toys. Explore the endless variety of sex toys to introduce them to your sex life. Butt plugs and beads, vibratos of different shapes, nipple stimulators, and other toys can be very handful in your oral play.
  13. Try different positions for oral sex to diversify the game. There are numerous poses to try and enjoy your oral practice to take your connection to the next level.

The bottom line

Oral sex is one of the main things on the menu when it comes to sexual pleasure. For many guys, girls’ anatomy can be confusing, so don’t be shy about asking questions and trying new things for the first time. Once you see how happy she is, you will never want to skip this part again.