8 Best Tips for Girls on How to Play with Yourself

Masturbation is the best, healthy, and secure way to explore your body and understand your desires, kinks, and the ways to satisfy them. For women, it is an intimate time to give yourself the satisfaction you deserve. The joy of self-love brings relief from stress, better sleep, and a better understanding of your body. But are you sure you are doing it right? Here are some best practices to enjoy when you play with yourself to help you reach a new level of pleasure.
  1. Understand your body. Knowledge comes first. Your anatomy defines the physical pleasure you are lusting for. The clitoris is a key pleasure point for many women. What other spots do you enjoy being touched at? If you love playing with nipples, keep one of your hands free to touch them, or add nipple stimulators to your sex toys collection. Take your time to explore your body to see if you like to feel other zones when you masturbate to make this ritual truly orgasmic: masturbation can release endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin, which are known as pleasure and happiness hormones.
  2. Get comfy. Environment matters, so ensure your comfort and privacy. One can argue you can do it wherever you want, but a quiet, spacious bedroom and silky sheets can also be your kink. Dare to experiment with the setting: add music, aroma candles, or anything you like.
  3. Try different techniques. When touching your clitoris, the vulva, and getting inside your vagina, explore your sensations with different rhythms. Apply different pressure and try circular or stroking movements to see what feels best. Add lubes to reduce friction.
  4. Be mindful. Focus on the present moment and your sensations. What feels pleasant? What, on the contrary, breaks your concentration or doesn’t feel right? Enjoy the time with yourself and feel how your body reacts to your touches. If you can’t feel intimate with yourself, you can hardly be open and relaxed with your partners.
  5. Experiment. If you are used to a particular position that always leads to your climax, find a moment to enjoy yourself in different poses. Bring in different textures to check how it feels, and don’t forget to try adding some pleasant smells and music. And, of course, get in a hot bath or a shower if, for some reason, you haven’t tried it before.
  6. Get inspired! If your imagination needs a little boost, we suggest you prepare a collection of your favorite erotic films, books, or video clips. After all, keeping some spicy content is not a teen boys’ prerogative!
  7. The sex toys. So many of them! If you only need a butt plug to play with your partner, you can as well use it for some good time with yourself. Expand your collection of sex toys to see which one gives you the maximum pleasure.
  8. Privacy and hygiene. Most importantly, remember about your health and well-being. Masturbation is a deeply intimate act and should always be done in a private setting where you feel safe and comfortable. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands and keep your toys clean.

The bottom line

Masturbation is not only about physical pleasure. It’s an act of self-love, a mindful practice, and a healthy and natural way to explore and feel your body. Explore various approaches to masturbation to enjoy it to the fullest and try new practices to see how they make you feel. It will help you be more open with your partner, reduce stress, and be more aware of your body.