Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What do Dating Trends in 2024 Hold?

January is an exciting time of the year when everyone’s planning out their resolutions, setting goals, and trying to guess what awaits us in the upcoming months. And it’s the same for dating! Who wouldn’t want to know what’s in or out these days? So, if you are single and ready to mingle, check out the trends below and make the most of 2024 dating.

#1 Less pinterest-like, more raw honesty

With everything that’s going on in the world, and the mindset shift that we go through thanks to TikTok (where everyone seems to be very comfortable with expressing their authentic selves), many realize just how meaningless putting a false facade is. Life is short and it is tough too, so why bother playing pretend on dates and hiding who we really are?
In 2024, we’ll see even more people choosing to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts proudly, not worrying about what their hot date might think. Because frankly, if they can’t take it, best find out before anyone grows feelings for a facade that doesn’t exist.
This might be one of Flure’s team's favorite trends for dating in 2024. People don’t want to censor themselves like they did back in the day, and they want to hang out with someone they feel connected to, and we’re here for it!

#2 Values over looks

As a logical continuation from the first trend, more people prioritize values over looks. Aligned beliefs are hotter than a perfect jawline and six-pack. That’s why online dating profiles, especially for Gen Z and millennial users, are now less about describing looks and fun hobbies, and more about establishing what they believe in. By the way, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your online profile lighthearted and funzy.
And the microtrend here is not worrying about how tall someone is. The big old issue of the partner’s height is mostly relevant to traditional heterosexual relationships, but boy is this about to change! The rise of short kings has been a thing for a while, but Tom Holland dating Zendaya and the recent CK ad featuring Jeremy Allen White alone can cause a revolution. Height insecurities will not fully become a thing of the past, but more men and women will be open to the idea of dating beyond their traditional height scope.

#3 Choosing to not move in together

An interesting new trend that we’ve spotted is couples deciding to live separately, even when they’re serious about their relationships. Now, if you’re in New York or any other absurdly expensive city, choosing to live separately from your significant other might still mean cohabiting with roommates, but you get the drill.
The logic behind not taking “the next step” is different. Some really like their neighborhood and the apartment might be close to their work. Others do it to keep the spark and avoid the mundane aspects of living with your lover. Whatever it is, we fully support it! Just like not every relationship needs to end with marriage and kids, not everyone has to move in together if they don’t want to.

#4 Audio stimulation

Technology continues to make our lives better and hotter! One of the newest trends in dating is using audio for arousal. And we’re not talking about sex music playlists, but something more intricate. New services pop up where they offer users a selection of sensual stories and ASMR to help you set the mood and have a little fun with your partner. Listening to a variety of sensual content can be mind-opening and inspire you to experiment beyond your traditional sex routine. And it is simply a great way to get in the mood for a sexy time.

#5 Online check-in first

Life is moving very fast. Hobbies, projects, and side hustles are taking up a lot of our free time. Naturally, we want to optimize our time and not waste it on someone who’s not vibing with us.
So something we’ve seen back in 2023 that will become more widespread in 2024 and beyond, is doing virtual dates before meeting someone in real life. It can be a call or FaceTime, but the main idea is to hear the person’s voice, how they sound and what they say, see if the conversation flows naturally, or if there are crickets once small talk is over.
Access to online dating has seriously widened our dating pools, so being able to chat with a few matches before deciding who to ask out is a powerful way to manage the complex world of romantic endeavors. And if you belong to the demographic that statistically experiences more violence and abuse in dating, a chance to speak with someone on the phone first will give you a chance to dodge the toxic bullet.

#6 The boom of ethical non-monogamy

We’ve talked about ethical non-monogamy (ENM) a lot on this blog, but in short, it’s a healthy practice of polygamy, where everyone involved agrees to do it willingly, communication is open, and everyone’s boundaries are respected.
ENM is prone to criticism because non-monogamy overall is often stigmatized. It is seen as something that one person wants and the other one has to agree to, otherwise they lose their partner. With ENM though, everyone’s goal is to not cheat or be shady but to explore their sexuality, fulfill their loving potential, and meet all needs through engaging with multiple lovers.
Ethical non-monogamy will boom in 2024 as more people understand that they can’t get everything they need from one person and that it’s selfish to demand all those things from their partner. At the same time, with less societal pressure to get married early and have kids, modern adults are exposed to all those freedoms that were unthinkable only a few decades ago. And of course, they want to explore it, who can blame them?
With ENM, the pressure to find the one and only is off, and we can enjoy multiple relationships at once and feel more satisfied. Is this way of dating for everyone? Of course not. But there is real demand for this kind of arrangement, and it will be more dominant in the future.

#7 Intentional dating

Here, we don’t mean dating with a goal in mind, like finding a future spouse. It’s rather more about choosing who you go out with and why you do it more carefully.
If you were single in London in 2014 and didn’t go out on regular dates, people thought there was something wrong with you. Nowadays, mindless dating just to put yourself out there is no longer a thing. Instead, many choose to go on solo dates and prioritize their mental and physical health by staying home.
In 2024, we’ll see more of that behavior. And it won’t matter whether someone’s looking for some sexy fun, an interesting conversation, or something serious.

#8 No to toxic behavior

Another dating trend that makes the entire Flure team very happy is not putting up with toxic games. Ghosting, gaslighting, and other unpleasant behaviors that some might demonstrate will not fly in 2024. Thanks to social media and societal shifts, we are now much more aware of these unhealthy tactics, and we’re armed with the knowledge and confidence to call them out and cut people off.