The Ultimate Guide to Sexy Emojis to Boost Your Sexting Game

Sexting has become an integral part of modern dating, but did you know that the right combination of emojis can take your sexting game to a whole new level? Emojis add a fun visual element to the text, making it more expressive and engaging. At Flure, we know that adding these small pictures to your messages will boost your chances for fun conversations. In this article, we'll dive into the world of sexy emojis, exploring popular and less common options, phrases and combos, and the etiquette to keep in mind. If you're sexting with your long-term partner or a new hookup, this guide has got you covered!

Popular sexy emojis

Let’s explore some of the most popular sexy emojis that can help you master adult dirty talk and sext like a pro.

Eggplant (🍆):

The eggplant emoji is a classic symbol for a penis that can be used in a humorous or suggestive context. Make it a combo with other emojis like the peach or water droplets:
"I've been thinking about you all day 🍆💭"

Peach (🍑):

The peach emoji represents a butt and is used in flirty or playful sexting:
"Can't wait to get my hands on that 🍑 tonight."

Tongue (👅):

This emoji suggests oral sex or a desire to lick something:
"I can't stop thinking about your lips 👅💋"

Water Droplets (💦):

This emoji shows sexual excitement, ejaculation, or wetness:
"You make me so wet 💦😈"

Fire (🔥):

The fire emoji conveys that something is hot, sexy, or exciting. It's a versatile emoji that can be used in various contexts to express attraction or admiration:
"You looked 🔥 in that dress last night."

Cherry (🍒):

The cherry emoji often symbolizes breasts or virginity. It's commonly used in a playful or suggestive manner:
"Can't wait to taste those sweet 🍒🍒"

Lips (💋):

The lips emoji represents kissing or desire and is used to express affection or suggest kissing:
"Missing your 💋 on mine."

Wink (😉):

The wink emoji will add a playful tone to your sexts. You can use it to imply a double entendre or a suggestive message:
"How about we skip dinner and go straight to dessert? 😉"

Rocket Ship (🚀):

The rocket ship emoji is sometimes used to represent an erection or sexual excitement. You can use it as a compliment to let them know how you feel:
"You send me straight to the moon 🚀"

Smirking Face (😏):

The smirking face emoji conveys a sense of confidence and mischief. Great way to make your message sound mischievous:
"I've got a surprise for you tonight 😏"

Less Popular but equally naughty emojis

Donut (🍩):

The donut emoji can represent a vagina or anus and is sometimes used with the tongue emoji to imply oral sex:
"I'm craving something sweet 🍩😉"

Sushi (🍣):

The sushi emoji can be a symbol of oral sex, particularly cunnilingus:
"I'm in the mood for sushi tonight 🍣👅"

Blowfish (🐡):

The blowfish represents feeling 'blown away' by someone's sexiness or skills in bed:
"Last night was amazing, you totally blew me away 🐡💨"

Whale (🐳):

This emoji is a playful way to indicate a big 'package' or sexual appetite:
"You're a big fish in the sea 🐳😉"

Bone (🦴)

It's quite a literal way to let somebody know that you are horny and you want to bone them. Send it with a question mark to ask if they are in the mood to hookup:
“ 💗 🦴?”
Also, you can use it instead of the eggplant emoji.

Crafting the perfect sext: phrases, combos, and sentences

The right combination of words and emojis can make you a winner in the sexting game, set the right mood, and turn up the heat. Here are some examples of how you can craft seductive messages with the sexy emojis:
1. Good Morning Texts for Her: "Rise and shine, beautiful 🌞 Can't wait to see you later 🔥🍑"
2. Good Morning Texts for Him: "Morning, handsome 😘 Thinking about you and 🍆💦 already!"
3. Flirty Message: "Can't stop thinking about our last night together 🍑👅💦"
4. Suggestive Plans: "Dinner tonight? 🍣 Followed by dessert... 🍩😏"
5. Compliment: "You looked so hot last night 🔥🚀 Couldn't keep my eyes off you 😍"

The rules of sexting etiquette: keep it sexy and respectful

Sexting can be thrilling, but remember that respect and consent are paramount. Here are seven fundamental rules to ensure your sexting remains both sexy and considerate:
  • Consent is crucial: always make sure that everyone is comfortable with sexting and open to receiving sexy emojis. On Flure, consent is guaranteed with our fabulous safe mode!
  • Context is key: Tailor your messages to the situation. What might be appropriate for a long-term couple may not be suitable for a casual fling or a new connection.
  • Clarity over ambiguity: while emojis can add fun and flair to your messages, make sure to avoid misunderstandings. And don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Respect boundaries: if your partner indicates discomfort or disinterest, respect their boundaries and adjust your messages accordingly. No means no, even in the realm of digital flirtation.
  • Privacy matters: sexting and sexy emojis are meant for private exchanges. Keep these communications confidential and never share them!
  • Timing is essential: be mindful of when you send your messages. A steamy sext might not cause the reaction you expect during work hours or in the middle of the night.
  • Keep it classy: while sexting can be a space for exploring fantasies and desires, maintain a level of respect and avoid offensive language.